The X-18 Intimidator built by Predator Motor Corporation International

Predator Motor Corporation, Manufacturer of the X-18 Intimidator Pre-Runner, Dune Buggy, Sand Rail, Dual Sport Vehicle

Welcome to Predator Motor Corporation, International - For all inquiries call 951-259-3339
High-End Offroad Pre-Runner Dune Buggy - For the Desert / Baja/ Dakar/ Sand / Short Course More Fun Than Most Can Handle!

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2012 X18S
2009-2011 X18S




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Predator Motor Corporation is proud to use American high quality manufacturers in the construction of the 2012 Predator X18S Baja Edition
$44,995 Turn Key


SCORE Approved, Certified 4160 Chromoly Chassis
King Shocks
Howe Steering
Baja Designs
GM Crate 2.4 Liter Engine
Arctic Cat
The Wright Gear Box
Gibson Exhaust

For optional equipment
Lowrance GPS
PCI Radios and Intercoms
Harmon Fuel cells (FIA Approved)
Sand Tires Unlimited

Predator Motor Corporation, International
Mission Statement

"Our mission is to be the Best off road vehicle production vehicle in the World"

  1. Our core values:

    1. Build the most affordable ,reliable safest off road vehicles in the world.

    2. Take care of our People

    3. Earn the respect of our customers and dealers.

    4. Excellent Customer service

    5. Respect for all people world wide

    6. Create shareholder value

    7. Entrepreneurial Spirt

    8. Build life long relationships

    9. Be a world leader by design, quality and innovation of new products for the world market.
  2. Our target is to be a world leader in the off road community. In order to do this we need consistent and quality products to sell to the target market which is the World. In the last four years we have sold products to the following countries in the world: USA, France, England, Spain, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Euriba, Denmark, Dubai, Amsterdam, South America, Mexico, Chile.

    In the next year we will sell to Australia and several other countries like Porto Rico, Costa Rica etc. Their are 195 countries in the world right now we can not produce enough of products for the 14 we have sold to and established relationships with. 

    The path we will take will define our future. We will seek the best partnerships on the financial end of the company to facilitate the future growth of the company. The sales organization will seek and find the best distributers world wide that will supply the demand for Predator's products on a global front.

    We will seek to build and find the best technology for the vehicles we build for the application needed to survive the harshest environments like Dakar and the Baja deserts of the world.

    The Economy:
    Predator and it's partnerships on a global basis will generate global interest and enthusiasm to over come down turns in the market. We will look to a positive future for the business and our staff building the vehicles to the distributors that market and sell the products.

    We believe we can do this as a Team and we can make this happen as a Team, there is no such word as NO in Predator.

ORBA Off Road Business Association

...Questions? Comments? Send us an email at
For Inquiries Call: 951-259-3339

(All Prices Subject to Change Without Notice)

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